Background Colour Change

Move your mouse pointer to the following text to see the change of background colour.

[Black] [Green] [Yellow] [Red] [Brown] [White]


Source code:

    <!-- This is the beginning of the SCRIPT for background colors -->


    <A HREF="" onMouseOver="document.bgColor='black'">Black</a>

    <A HREF="" onMouseOver="document.bgColor='green'">Green</a>

    <A HREF="" onMouseOver="document.bgColor='yellow'">Yellow</a>

    <A HREF="" onMouseOver="document.bgColor='red'">Red</a>

    <A HREF="" onMouseOver="document.bgColor='brown'">Brown</a>

    <A HREF="" onMouseOver="document.bgColor='white'">White</a>


    <!-- This is the end of the mouse overcommands for background colors -->